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Please post bugs that you have found in the game:

CC2 Logic Bug

  • Omni is walking into Lava and being killed. Omni is walking into Slime and getting killed and also not turning floor tile into Slime Fixed

Unify CC1 & CC2 Logic

  • F.I.S.H. Door in CC2 opens when the last F.I.S.H. is collect, whereas in CC1 it remains closed until the player stands on the square.
Solution Have two different coloured F.I.S.H. Door.This could also allow for the extra chips that are possible in the Origonal.
  • Gravel in CC2 Block can not be pushed over it, in CC1 they can.
Solution Have another Surface type such as 'Grass' that behaves like Gravel in CC1.
Solution Have addational pets of baby Blinky & Screamer that do not fly and travel in gaggles.
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