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Welcome to Chuck's Challenge 3D Documentation. This is what you would call the game "help files". Whether you are playing levels, designing levels, or simply wanting to optimize the game for your device, you'll find valuable information here. To help you get started, we hand-picked some articles. You can see them below. If you want to dive deep into all the documentation this wiki has to offer, scroll down even further to see the full index.



For a more detailed overview of Chuck's Challenge 3D, click here. For a brief history of how the game came to be, click here.

What's New in the Latest Release

Here you'll find what's new in the latest release of Chuck's Challenge as well as features added to previous releases.

See Version History

Meet the Characters

Chuck's Challenge has lots of cute and adorable characters. Why not get to know them?

Click here to meet the characters!

Configuring the Game Settings

This section covers various settings provided in the game to fit your needs. Some settings configure gameplay while others help balance performance and visuals.

Learn about configuring Chuck's Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ page is an excellent place to look for answers to commonly asked questions about Chuck's Challenge.

Visit the FAQ page

Player Documentation

How to Play

Learn how to play Chuck's Challenge. Learn how to navigate around the levels and complete objectives. Learn about the different play controls on both iOS and the desktop versions of the game.

Visit the How to Play page

Keyboard Shortcuts

Take a look at some time saving keyboard shortcuts. For instance, you can press Ctrl+R at anytime to restart the level you are currently playing.

View Keyboard Shortcuts

Download Custom Levels

Here's how you can download other user created levels. You can browse through uploaded level, or, if you know the exact level you want to play, you can download by typing in the level ID.

How to Download Levels

Designer Documentation

Game Elements

A big part of the wiki is the Game Elements page, which list all the Game Elements and how they should function. The information will help you understand how they work so you can use them optimally when you create your own custom levels.

Browse game elements

Learn about Create Mode

Become familiar with the Chuck's Challenge Create Mode, with which you can make and play your own custom levels! Learn about the design environment itself, controls, and describe the individual design tools. Explore how to share your creations with your friends and the world and play others' levels.

Learn about the Create Mode


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