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Chuck Sommerville, the creator of Chip's Challenge, has been summoned by an alien called Woop to create video games for them to play together. The game not only includes many levels to tease the brain and challenge the fingers, but also a level editor so that you can create, download, and share levels.



The objective of Chuck's Challenge is to guide Woop to the exit on each level.


There are various ways to control (guide) Woop around the level. However, the controls vary depending on which platform you play the game on.

iPod, iPhone, and iPad

The iOS version of Chuck's Challenge includes different ways to control Woop. Each can be chosen from the options menu.


Placing your finger on the screen and then swiping in a direction will make Woop move in that direction. If you swipe and hold your finger on the screen, Woop will continue to move.

Control Pad

This places four arrow buttons at either the bottom left or bottom right hand side of the screen. Tapping an arrow button will make Woop move in that direction one square. Holding down an arrow button will make Woop move continuously in a direction.

PC and Mac

If you are playing Chuck's Challenge on your Windows or Mac desktop, you can use the keyboard or touch input.


Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate Woop around the level. The direction of the arrow keys correspond the direction Woop will travel. Pressing an arrow key once will make Woop travel one square in the appropriate direction; pressing and holding the arrow key will make Woop move continuously in that direction.


If your PC has a touch screen, then you can touch the grid you want Woop to go to, and Woop will go there, if possible. Woop may not directly go to the desired square if an obstacle is blocking the way.


If you make a mistake, you can rewind time by pressing the undo button. The undo button has a long memory, so you can undo multiple mistakes. The game can be resumed by either moving Woop in any direction or by pressing the play button on the screen. The Undo button has a standard rewind icon.


By tapping the screen with two fingers, you can scroll the Game Grid. This only applies to the iOS version and will not work on the PC and Mac version.


You can zoom in our out of the level while you are playing a level simply by pinching in and out with your two fingers. If your PC doesn't have a touch screen, you can scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in our out. This feature is only available o the PC and Mac version and doesn't work on the iOS version.


Pressing the letter "Z" on your keyboard will rotate the entire level 90 degrees. This feature is not available on the iOS version.

Game Elements

Each level is made of a Game Grid, and each square on the Game Grid has at least one Game Element.


The exit is the square Woop has to travel to in order to finish the level

Floors and Walls

Floors are Game Elements that Woop can travel over. Whereas walls prevent Woop's movement


No, this is not the fish you catch on rivers! F.I.S.H. in Chuck's Challenge stand for Fuel In Silicon Housing. Some levels require Woop to collect all the F.I.S.H., so he can power and pass through the F.I.S.H. door.


Woops can morph into different states if he collects an orb. This means he can move onto a hazard without being affected.

Complete List of Game Elements

There are lots of other Game Elements. Visit the Game Elements home page for a complete listing and descriptions of the Game Elements.


Woop has many pets in Chuck's Challenge. However, while playing the game, he must avoid coming in contact with them or he will fail the objective. If that happens, the player must either undo the last action or, alternatively, restart the level.


Chuck is a game creator who Woop has "summoned" to create games for him to play. Chuck is not Woop's Pet and he is not part of the actual game play. He only appears during dialogues.


Woop is a being that can alter time and space. He is the main character of Chuck's Challenge, and the player must guide him to the Exit.

Snappy and Nibbles

A Snappy will turn into a Nibbles when it bites off more than it can chew! As this is quite a common occurrence, they have evolved to grow their teeth back.


Blinkys are all-seeing; so while moving about, they try to avoid everything that may be harmful.

Limpa and Limpy

Limpa and Limpy enjoys spinning on one let. Left to their own devices, they'll quite happily walk around for hours in a circle, as they see this as dancing. However, they are still debating which leg is better to spin on.


Screamers are similar to goldfish: they can only remember a few seconds. So they continually scream thinking they are on fire, whereas they are made of fire.


Bounders like a good bounce.


Each of Omni's legs has its own brain, which means it never really knows which direction it is going in.


Legs like walking but only in one direction; so, it's not a great fan of corners.


Golems are not, strictly speaking, Woop's pets. Rather, they are Woop's creation. Used initially by Woop to get food out of his fridge, but he later upgraded them to perform other functions and to keep him company.

Game Modes

There are four different game modes to choose from.


This is the single player mode where you play through the main story and your best times are recorded and updated.


Only available on the iOS version of the game, this mode is a multiple-player mode where you can race through a series of levels to see who can finish them first.


This mode gives you a creation area where you can build your own levels! You can download levels created by others and share your won with the world.


Search allows you to play custom levels created by Chuck's Challenge players. You can search for top levels, newest levels, locally saved levels, or find a specific user-created level by typing in its level ID.

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