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This page contains the changelog for Chuck's Challenge 3D in reverse chronological order.

Update for 4/8/2014

This update fixes several bugs and interface issues, many of which were discovered by the community.

  • Create - Hand tool is working again so you can make big maps
  • Create - Controller second pad now moves the Game Grid
  • Controller - the Logitech F710 is now supported

Update v1.1.58: Full Controller Support & New Audio + Video Settings

The main goal of this release is improving the game with the users' most requested features. This update v1.1.58 includes:

  • Additional controllers supported, including Xbox 360 & PS3. Plus, restart is now bound to Y & play to X.
  • Refined Windows 8 style interface, automatically switching between pointer and mouse cursor.
  • Resolution & quality are now in-game options in Settings, this means the game now has full controller support.
  • The volume levels for both SFX and Music can be adjusted rather than just being toggled on or off.
  • Fixed the bug where the initial second is slightly shorter, hence solving the restart time hack.
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