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This frequently asked question (FAQ) page contains answers to the most commonly asked questions about Chuck's Challenge and this wiki, including links to download the game. If you still don't find what you are looking for, you can let us know by leaving a reply to this page or by sending your question on the Chuck's Challenge Facebook page.


What is Chuck's Challenge?

Chuck's Challenge is a puzzle game that walks through the evolution of gaming: move from A to B, collect items, the red key opens the red door, etc. But, like Lego, knowing what each piece does is only the beginning of the game’s fun, as the players can also create and share their own levels using a simple paint-style interface.

The game starts with Chuck finding he has been summoned by an alien called Woop to create video games for them to play. The game includes over 100 levels (including 25 free) to tease the brain and challenge the fingers, an intuitive level editor so that players can create and share levels.

What is the Chuck's Challenge Wiki?

The Chuck's Challenge wiki is a place for all sorts of information on Chuck's Challenge! You can find tutorials, design tips, documentations on each game elements, and much more here. The purpose of this wiki is to help players and fans to learn more about the game, get help, and join the discussion. Click here to return to the main page of this wiki.

Where can I get the game?

The game is available now for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Links to downloading the game can be found on our download page.

Click here to visit the download page

Can I Try the Game Before I Buy?

Yes! You can try the game for free on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux before you buy. The demo can be downloaded from the same online store for which you can buy the game. To try the game demo, please visit the download page and select and online store.

Click here to visit the download page

Which Operating Systems is Chuck's Challenge Available On?

Chuck's Challenge 3D is available for Android, Windows (desktop), Mac OSX, iOS, and Linux.

Because Chuck's Challenge 3D is made on top of the Unity Game Engine, bringing the game to even more operating systems and platforms is easier than ever. It is possible that the game will come to Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 as a Windows Store game, downloadable from the Windows Store. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is also a future possibility. However, no timing or schedules are announced at this time.

Niffler has made no comments on availability on Blackberry devices.

Is Chuck's Challenge Available on Steam?

Yes! Chuck's Challenge has been accepted by Valve (the guys behind Steam) through the Steam Greenlight program. The game is available on Steam now. Click here to download from Steam.

What Game Consoles is Chuck's Challenge Available On?

Chuck's Challenge is available on the Ouya Game Console as well as NVidia Shield.

Will Chucks Challenge Come to the Xbox and PlayStation?

Microsoft announced that Chuck's Challenge 3D will be available soon for Xbox One in Game Developer Conference (GDC) 2014. Stay tuned for more information on availability.

As for the PlayStation platform, nothing has been announced yet, but because Chuck's Challenge is built on top of the Unity Game Engine, porting to even more devices is easier than ever! So, it is a future possibility that we might see the game on these consoles. However, there is no timings and schedules available at this time.

What is Niffler?

Niffler is the company behind Chuck's Challenge. The company also developed other video games including Ben 10 Game Generator 1, 2 & 3, and 4D.

What is Nkidu Games?

Nkidu games is the publisher of Chuck's Challenge 3D. You can visit their website at http://www.nkidu.com

Where can I contact Niffler or get support for Chuck's Challenge

You can reach Chuck's Challenge support and access resources from various networks. Check out the following!

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