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Niffler is a independent video games company that was setup to create the game Chuck's Challenge. Niffler's founding members are:

  • Barn Cleave believes that computer coding is not necessarily the first step in learning to create video games, he has developed various physical toys that allow children to make games.
  • Chuck Sommerville has been designing, programming and playing games since 1983, creating Chip's Challenge and developing online communities which enable players to create their own games.
  • Kevin Furry has gained over 20 years experience holding officer positions within corporations, and a previous 25 years dedicated to video game design with Disney, Lucasfilm, Sega, Nintendo and many others.
  • Mark Bernstein co-founded and became CEO of Internet game distributor, Gameplay plc, which floated on AIM in 1999 with $120m in revenues and 750 employees achieving a peak valuation of $1bn.

Niffler has developed other video games including Ben 10 Game Generator 1, 2 & 3.

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